Review: Cell-O-Phane by the Buildings

Cell-O-Phane by the BuildingsA confession: I was a little apprehensive when I decided to listen to Cell-O-Phane, the debut album from the Buildings. I’m coming in blind, so I had no idea what to expect. But boy, wasn’t it fun? The four-piece’s debut is very much a jammy take on what kids these days think, but it’s packaged in a way that isn’t annoying to people like me, the sort who tries to like new music but finds himself a bit jaded because it’s for little kids. Okay. That’s definitely my initial apprehensions talking. I don’t really know how to put into smart-sounding words the fact that the opening track, “A Modest Proposal”, brought me back to my frosh year in college, reminded me of a time when I had a thing for noise pop without knowing the term “noise pop”. The laid back observations somehow becomes universal again, and the traipsing through variations keeps you in. I just… listened. And liked it. And never really had more to say other than, well, I quite liked it. That, and “am I rushing to prove I’m grown up?” [NB]4/5


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