Review: Lemonade by Beyoncé Knowles

Lemonade by Beyoncé KnowlesAnother surprise album drop from Beyoncé, although not as much of a surprise as the last time she did it. Of course, by now we all know what Lemonade is purportedly about – and the context of it being about Jay-Z supposed infidelities has turned the album into some sort of female empowerment symbol. Like Beyoncé often becomes now. Say what you want about it having something more to say than most pop records (and I’m not thinking of “Formation” being tacked on to the end) but Lemonade is an interesting record, if only for the creative decisions she made. Her last album, Beyoncé, played with the minimal R&B that was making a dent on the charts at the time. This album takes on a wider gamut of styles, but without sounding like everything’s thrown in at random. The story it tells is served well by the swerves, suggesting not a confusion over what is really happening, but the haze that happens when one tries to piece together a response. Fury? Forgiveness? It captures everything well. [NB]3/5


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