Review: The Hope Six Demolition Project by PJ Harvey

The Hope Six Demolition Project by PJ HarveyAfter the critical success of Let England Shake – unsurprising yet surprising – all eyes were on what PJ Harvey would do next. That turned out to be a tour of war zones, both battlegrounds and political planning centers (aka the United States). The result is The Hope Six Demolition Project, essentially a series of vignettes about the things she’s seen. Thing is, however, you come in expecting PJ to say something about what she’s seen; instead, she just describes what she’s seen. Maybe I’m missing the message here (is it McLuhan-esque?) or maybe it really is just supposed to be a diary. It’s a minor quibble, though: the album is a charging romp, constantly pushing to the edge with hammering guitars and PJ exploring her voice again. Somehow you leave still feeling satisfied despite the oblique nature of the lyrics. Or, again, maybe that is the whole point. Are you content with just knowing? Maybe that is the point. [NB]4/5


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