“You’re toxic. I’m slippin’ under.”

“Toxic” by Britney Spears | I’m trying not to write about another K-pop song this week – I already posted one, which was scheduled way before our recent week-long break, and the other I have is more, uh, new. Also, yes, I know, if I wanted to avoid pop this week I could’ve posted the Mark Ronson remake. Yet, here we are. Since I still have the upcoming elections in my head, I post this. Simply said, social media feeds have been toxic (see what I did there?) with one camp fighting the other, or asserting moral supremacy over the other, or… ugh. When I want toxic, I go to this. Although, again, I have forgotten about how sexual this song was. I was just 12! And I was just, um, feeling things then. It’s gotta be that lace onesie. [NB]


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