Review: Spring by Akdong Musician

Spring Volume 1 by Akdong MusicianSure, they broke out after winning a television singing competition, but Akdong Musician bring an authenticity and warmth that you don’t often see in K-pop acts. The siblings Lee Chanhyuk and Lee Suhyun have always played with more down-to-earth themes, and the charm and chemistry between the two guarantee an interplay that you don’t feel guilty about. Play, their full-length debut from 2014, focused squarely on their winsome folk-pop, an approach their new mini-album Spring pushes ever so subtly. Save for the two title tracks, the surprisingly swingy “Re-Bye” and “How People Move”, the album stays mostly close to their original formula, but orchestral flourishes and a deft use of layers make the record just a tinge more winsome. That’s not a slam – again, Akdong Musician have always been subtle. Or at least they look that way when weighed against most other K-pop, even their fellow artists at YG. [NB]4/5


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