“It’s my turn, with no apologies.”

“It’s My Turn” by Diana Ross | I’m writing this entry the day before the elections; I certainly have no idea who’s won yet. However, by now we all know who won, and either we’re incredibly scared or incredibly relieved. Or both. Frankly, though, this is all just an exercise on who gets to run the country next. “Pass the parcel,” to quote Monocle‘s Andrew Mueller in his assessment of the elections. So, this song. “It’s my turn,” whoever’s winning is saying. “It’s my turn to be comfortable in this chair, and everything else that comes with it.” My apologies for being cynical – when you’ve had hope slapped in your face on a regular basis, with no satisfying returns whatsoever, you really cannot help it. Just watch a drama program or something. Oh, why can’t people be just honest… [NB]


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