Review: The Heart Speaks in Whispers by Corinne Bailey Rae

The Heart Speaks in Whispers by Corinne Bailey RaeTen years ago Corinne Bailey Rae broke out with her self-titled debut, a light, frothy, summer-y record buoyed by the ubiquitous “Put Your Records On”. Life forced a change of tone; her 2010 follow-up, The Sea, dealt with the aftermath of her husband’s death, and was and intense, sublime affair. It proved that she was more than a light voice backed up by sunny vibes, but it took her even longer to deliver on that revelation (not that it was a shocking one). Now she returns with The Heart Speaks in Whispers, delivering on the promise. It’s not right to say it sits between the first two releases, but it possesses a chameleon-like nature: it doesn’t stay in one line stylistically, but it’s focused enough to have an identity. It’s gentle and playful, coy yet powerful, breezy yet assertive. It’s a mature pop record (let’s call it that) that stays true to her word yet goes back to the lighter mood of her debut. The time between that record and now may mean this record won’t get as much attention, but man, it’s nice to have Corinne Bailey Rae back. [NB]4/5


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