“Why can’t I keep you from running ’round in circles in my mind?”

“Lost” by Loop | By the time you read this, I’m on a boat – yes, again – going this time to Cagayan de Oro, so it’s a good time to write about Loop. Sure, this band is from Iligan, which is a different city altogether. If you’re coming from Laguindingan Airport, you turn left to go to CDO; you turn right to go to Iligan. Opposite ends of the same province. Like most I heard of these guys when they went to Manila for a series of gigs (more proof of how Manila-centric things are) a few months ago – inevitably, I never got around to listening. Now’s also a good time to listen – well, any time is, turns out. Loop’s a steady listen: chill but very accessible. If you’re a fan of dreamy vocals like I am, Kim Trinidad’s is one to watch for: enigmatic but, again, very accessible. I’ve become apprehensive of talking about acts that deserve a bigger stage – it’s my cynicism, really – but, well, Loop ought to break out from the usual indie venues. They ought to be heard by more people. [NB]


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