Review: Good Luck by AOA

Good Luck by AOAFor the most part, the moment AOA releases an album is the moment the K-pop scene transitions from lovey-dovey spring songs to more upbeat summer songs. Good Luck, their first effort this year, delivers just that. To be honest, it’s your typical summer album: upbeat but not too much, a smattering of old-school licks here and there, and one song having a stronger tendency than others to wriggle its way into your head. That honor does not go to the title track, though, but to the song the follows it: “10 Seconds” wears its 80s influence more than others (again, yet another trend in K-pop, especially among the female groups) and glimmers in its subtleties. As for the rest, it’s typical AOA fare, thankfully not the sort that would get on your nerves. [NB]3/5


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