“Why won’t you come over here?”

“Juicebox” by the Strokes | I’m not a cool guy. I was never in time to the Strokes; I don’t have the fervent affection many of my peers have. I get why they’re good, though. I get that their first two albums were masterpieces. It’s a bit sucky, in my pretentious-in-denial mind, that my first legitimate exposure to the New York band was on their third record, First Impressions of Earth, the album where they started feeling a little… weak, I guess, and the whole diminishing returns thing was felt. I revisit “Juicebox” now – this song being a constant accompaniment on my first months as a member of the labor force – as the Strokes release Future Present Past, an EP of three new tracks (and one remix). Specifically, I revisit this song because I got to talk about the new album over on Bandwagon yesterday. (Yes, ma, I made it. I think.) In summary: three good starts, three meh finishes, and a remix that I surprisingly like. Apparently I’m the only one… [NB]


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