“If I take another step, then I just might die.”

“Frankie Sinatra” by the Avalanches | They’re finally back. Sixteen years after the release of the almost mythical Since I Left You (which I wrote a bit about two years ago), and just as long a time speculating about the follow-up, the Avalanches – now down to two original members – are returning with a new album, a 21-track thing called Wildflower, and this single, called “Frankie Sinatra”. I have a gut feeling the new album will actually drop today or tomorrow, so by then we’ll figure out what they’ve been up to all this time. [Update: the album will be released on 8 July.] That means we’re taking this song a bit out of context: this fun trip, featuring Danny Brown and MF Doom, sounds like one side of a multi-faced coin, the “Frontier Psychiatrist” to “Since I Left You”, and I can’t wait to hear the rest. Maybe tomorrow.  [NB]

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