“Though we know we were wrong, we can’t give up the fight.”

“Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day” by Morcheeba | The last thing I need in a time when I am running out of things to write about – in general, but mostly here, because this has to be chugging along daily – is a distraction. But, well, here I am. Distracted. I just won by space victory, sending a spaceship to the stars while dispatching what was once a very mighty Siamese empire, never mind that it made me the war mongerer this time and not them. Shalla told me that the sixth installment of the Civilization game series – a game I’ve been playing since high school, on and off – is returning this October, so I revisited my copy of the fifth game, installed it on this laptop, and now, well, I am building an empire, awing everybody with my scientific and cultural prowess. And since the Siamese can’t stop fighting the Persians, I intervened, liberating the latter’s capital while taking the former. Sounds like a true American. So, a song that’s not at all about the rise of the Roman empire. Also, I have never played the Romans on Civ. [NB]


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