Review: Street by EXID

Street by EXIDWhile I haven’t had a chance to listen to every EXID song, I decided to review their first full-length release, Street, on the strength of their last three singles. Sure, “Up&Down”, “Ah Yeah” and “Hot Pink” are cut from the exact same cloth – and the first and third even sound alike – but they’re really good pop songs, a good rumble towards a killer chorus. The single that comes with this new release, “L.I.E”, does not have that. Took a while for me to warm to it, but it just isn’t earworm-worthy – and heaven knows I tried. The album does some interesting things – “Knowingly” and “Of Course” succeed in shifting the sound towards a more coy disco groove – but in tampering down their instincts we end with a lost kid looking for his parents at a crowded mall. He knows what to do, but he’s too scared to actually do it, because, well, what if it’s wrong? What if the nice guy he asks is some psychopath who will chop him up? Street tries, heaven knows it tries. It has good intentions, and LE still comes in hard, sometimes even salvaging the mess they end up with. I just wish it tried a bit harder. [NB]3/5


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