“Is it something that you cannot touch?”

“Hoops” by the Rubens | More proof that it takes a while for a song to sink in to me: I have heard this song months ago. Six months ago, in fact: I was listening to Triple J throughout their Hottest 100 this year, and this song topped the chart. Beat Major Lazer and Kendrick Lamar, even. They even played this song many times just to stress the whole “it’s top of the chart” thing. Yet, only when I heard this played on American radio station KCSN last week did it click. This narrative is familiar, isn’t it? Aussie band the Rubens have been here for a while – I’ve heard their name in places – and this song was released with the album of the same name last August. So it is old, yes. But then again, good songs tend to be timeless. That intro got me going on the walk back home. [NB]

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