“Well, I’m here always, brighter than sunshine.”

“Lay Your Hands On Me” by Boom Boom Satellites | We’ve begun poking around the Japanese pop music landscape, and Shalla came to me with Boom Boom Satellites. “We should start with anime OST singers,” she said. “They’re usually indie.” In this case, she stumbled upon this band after watching Kiznaiver; they did the opening theme, which is this one. (Side note: yes, the YouTube clip says “short version” – you can only hear the full one, the whole ten minutes, once you buy it. Well, officially. It’s a quirk of Japanese pop, Shalla points out. The full EP drops later this month.) Boom Boom Satellites have been around for a little over a quarter century, churning out a surprisingly distinctive take on electronic-tinged alternative, but they have just announced a split this year. This year. With this track. Vocalist Michiyuki Kawashima has battled a brain tumor and after relapsing a fourth time, the duo – bassist Masayuki Nakano is the other half – have decided to call it a day. Or twenty-five years, as luck would have it. Still, this definitely screams “we’re late” – or, in Shalla’s words, “fail ako!” [NB]


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