Review: Wild Things by Ladyhawke

Wild Things by LadyhawkeIt’s great to see Ladyhawke back: the musician otherwise known as Pip Brown has waited four years to release a follow-up to her sophomore record, AnxietyWild Things is vintage her: some pretty catchy hooks amidst a sheen of cool. But then, I believe, time has not worked in her favor. A lot has happened in those four years: a lot of artists have come taken the spot she occupied. (Not that she originated that slot, but you get what I mean, right?) I listened to this album after listening to the new Tegan and Sara one (which I also reviewed today) and I realize that the world seems to have caught up with her. Sure, she can do what she does well, still, but in 2016 it feels a little, well, cold instead of cool. Your ears perk up to something really kickass, but then you, sadly, forget about it. I don’t know what I’m asking from Pip here. Push the boundaries? But I like Wild Things because it feels like 2008. But in 2016, that is no longer enough – at least in 2016; maybe in 2017 it will be. I don’t know. It’s that rock and hard place thing. [NB]3/5


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