Things without words, part twenty-one: For sunsets on the beach

“Daydreams” by Lauren’s Lullaby | To close the week, some trippy dream pop. If we’re to relate this to that summer-y thing we found ourselves in all this week, this would be the capper – you on the lounger as the sunsets, this song faintly in the background as people transition from frolicking on the water to getting freaky on the dance floor. (But that’s just the Boracay template – and that’s why I don’t like it.) Lauren’s Lullaby is Mexican producer Eduardo Miller, and his latest EP, Sin Ti, is an interesting mix. Some songs press down too hard on their seeds – one nod to Florence Welch, one nod to Elena Tonra – but others manage to take their origins (if any) and make it their own. That leads us to “Daydreams”, the entrancing album closer, which really did remind me of that one time I got annoyed because I still wanted to read, but the sun was setting and I did not want to let go of my lounger. If you’ve been to Boracay in the summer, you will definitely know why. And yes, I know it’s June. [NB] (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)


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