Review: Thick as Thieves by the Temper Trap

Thick as Thieves by the Temper TrapThe Temper Trap’s had a hard time living up to the success of “Sweet Disposition”. Their second, eponymous record saw them attempt to be both brooding and socially relevant, with mixed results – one of which being the band somewhat fading away from hipster consciousness. Now the Aussie band returns with Thick as Thieves, and it’s more or less a reinvention: the band comes out swinging, aiming for the arena in the same way contemporaries like Foals have. But it has Dougy Mandagi’s vocals, still strong and soaring and capable of being this or that at a turn. The result is, surprisingly, compelling: there is a rush hearing Dougy’s voice now accompanied by a much stronger rumble than before. It feels sturdy. It feels like everything has snapped into place. It’s not a perfect record – it’s not even entirely interesting, in the long run, but that’s just me – but it’s worth noting how a change in dynamic (guitarist Lorenzo Sillitto left the band during recording of the album), and the decision to go stronger, somehow reenergized the Temper Trap, and the right kind, too.  [NB]4/5


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