Review: On My One by Jake Bugg

On My One by Jake BuggThe gap between Jake Bugg’s second and third albums is longer than the gap between his first and second; the latter was only split by a year, but the gap between Shangri La and his latest, On My One, it at two and a half. Lots of things have happened since: after his sophomore effort was met with a more lukewarm reception than expected, Jake decided to set out on his own, producing the record all by himself. On My One, however, does not improve a thing from its immediate predecessor, save perhaps for its attempts to explore more sounds and genres than before – but then again, Jake attempting hip-hop fell flat. Ultimately, this record suffers from the same problems as the one before it: it’s boring, it’s not compelling, and it’s nothing to return to. What happened to the Jake Bugg of the first record, when he sounded fresh? Simple: he got stale. [NB]3/5


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