Review: The Getaway by Red Hot Chili Peppers

The Getaway by Red Hot Chili PeppersFor most of their years the Red Hot Chili Peppers have relied on Rick Rubin’s production magic. Sure, it worked, sending them to arenas around the world especially during the late 1990s, but almost thirty years in the relationship seems to feel more perfunctory than inspiring – just look at their most recent album, 2011’s I’m With You, and how even their attempt to move the needle forward felt, well, same-y. Five years later, The Getaway sees them try again, but this time they have recruited Danger Mouse and Nigel Godrich to assist in the studio. The result is a more successful attempt at reinvention: the sound is quieter, more sublime, more arresting. The most interesting thing, though, is how they don’t seem to have changed a lot: lack of wham-bam moments on the Peppers’ funkiest moments aside, it feels more like an evolution than a revolution. Also interesting: how this moment came now, all those years later. I’m not saying it’s too late – they’re as vital as ever, arguably – but, you know… you can’t help but think. [NB]4/5


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