Review: Bunny by Halo Circus

Bunny by Halo CircusAn oddity of American Idol is how it expects its contestants to come on stage fully formed, while also acknowledging that most of the aspirants are young kids still feeling their way through things. Some contestants try to toe that balance, think they get it, and then realize something else further down the line. It happened with Haley Reinhart, whose Better utilized her better than her big label release Listen Up!, and it’s happening to Allison Iraheta, too. (Sure, I know, I cited two of my favorites from the show, but stick with me on this one.) Her post-Idol outing, Just Like You, was typical pop-rock that utilized her surprisingly boozy voice well – but, well, Kelly Clarkson-like pop rock with a bit more edge? Really? Now, as frontwoman of Halo Circus, she finds that sweet spot. Singing in both English and Spanish, she and her shrewd band manages to play to each other’s strengths. The result is a record that’s evocative, both boozy of the speakeasy kind and sparkling of the, well, modern bar kind. Allison has found her voice – and we’re all the better for it. [NB]4/5


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