Review: Conscious by Broods

Conscious by BroodsNew Zealand duo Broods’ take on electropop on their second full-length, Conscious, is both exhilarating yet confounding. It’s not typical – it’s restless, even suggesting at a darkness that other acts of their ilk would either cover up or revel in – and yet, for most of the album, it feels like it, breezing by without pricking up my ear much. After the opener “Free”, and later with “Are You Home”, the record gets comfortable, perhaps too comfortable, verging on unremarkable. And then it perks up again by the time it hits the ninth track, “Couldn’t Believe”, and continues the streak for a couple of songs until it winds down into something similarly unremarkable. Is it just me? Perhaps. Do I even call this “uneven” or “inconsistent”, or is it really a matter of my perception? I don’t even feel bad that Conscious went this way. Somehow, those two high points were so enjoyable I could forgive the rest. [NB]3/5


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