“Singing out my enveloped ideas doesn’t seem all too bad.”

Great Philippine Song Hits“Enveloped Ideas” by the Dawn | If you think of Philippine alternative music’s history in phases, the 1980s seems to have been lost a bit. A lot of good bands at the time, but a combination of the events of the decade, plus the underground being a very appealing thing, meant most of them have become footnotes to the masses. The Dawn is an interesting case: they did emerge from the country’s post-EDSA fervor, when new wave music was finally taking a foothold, thanks in part to the folks at WXB 102. Their oeuvre has gone places since, partly down to changing tastes, and partly down to necessity; the murder of founding member Teddy Cruz swerved the band’s plans and sent them, arguably, slowly, to the arenas. To “Enveloped Ideas”, then, the band’s first single, and still, again arguably, the most succinct take of the Dawn’s original vision. Not that its later iterations are not good: you could choose “Salamat” or “Talaga Naman”, while I am partial to “Tulad Ng Dati”, the beginning of their introduction to a new set of fans. But then, you wonder: what if things turned out differently? [NB]

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