“Gotta be conventional. You can’t be so radical.”

Great Philippine Song Hits“Next In Line” by AfterImage | This band’s somewhat faded from my consciousness, but I remember being a six-year-old singing this song (or was it another one of their songs?) while walking back from the bakery with a bag of pandesal in my hands. Now I only really remember this band for Wency Cornejo being the son of Mel Tiangco. Well, that, and how “Next In Line” became an enduring, if not a bit cheesy, anthem of the youth at a crossroads. (At least people still remember this track, judging from how it, or versions of it, was used as the theme song for at least two [loosely] coming-of-age films.) It’s also one of those songs that manage to link both the arguably snobbish alternative contingent, and the rest of us who just like a good singable song. But then again, this was in the early 1990s. Things were so much different back then. [NB]

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