“Maraming nagpapanggap na makabayan gamit ang salitang ‘kalayaan’.”

Great Philippine Song Hits“At Nakalimutan ang Diyos” by Wuds | Let’s move back to the 1980s, and to that burgeoning punk scene at the time. I will quickly admit I am not well versed on this, considering how old (or young) I am, but the political undercurrent of these pioneering bands – Marcos was in power, after all – continues to inform today’s punk flavored act, and some of those who tackle more socially relevant subjects, like the artists on last April’s edition of the Local Outsider. Wuds are pioneers in that regard, building a niche audience throughout the decade, and then, when the alternative scene exploded into the mainstream in the 1990s, they were out there, waving the flag for punk without compromising their sound. “At Nakalimutan ang Diyos” is actually a recommendation (by Miko) from last year’s Great Philippine Song Hits; I couldn’t squeeze it in then, but I’m glad to squeeze it in now. It’s still a potent song: a comment on the superficial nature of people, rooted in the band’s surprising (considering the stereotype of punk acts) spiritual attunement, connecting closely to a supposedly religious Philippines. Will songs like this capture the imagination in 2016? Again, doubt it. [NB]

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