Review: Flight by Skymarines

Flight by SkymarinesDavao-based musician Isa Añiga, also known as Skymarines, gives little away, but interestingly her music isn’t entirely unpenetrable. Flight, her latest, proves that: it’s both easy to get into and hard to decipher. It’s the sort of album that rewards – nay, demands – repeat listening, and dedicated listening at that. Blink and it’s just another electronica album that grabs you momentarily and then lets you go again, fading into the background. Otherwise, it’s an interesting record, meandering yet forceful, blurry yet clear in its intentions, deploying the occasional jitter of tracks such as “Oasis” and “Dreamer” with the extended stretches of calm of “Fall” and “Flight”. On the surface, it seems like an arguably random collection of tracks that have its bright spots and low points. A deeper dig reveals, at least to me, a cohesion that tells us a lot about who Skymarines is – by saying as little as manageable. Or maybe I have gotten this whole thing so wrong. [NB]3/5


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