“Give me just a little taste.”

“Plastic” by Laura Roy | Another interruption to our special programming to squeeze something out of the inbox, and another recommend here from Charlotte. I think she’s sensing my gravitation towards poppier sounds at the moment – okay, K-pop – so here we get an R&B (with electronic tinges) singer from Halifax. Or maybe it’s me recognizing that I actually grew up in the 90s. Anyway, Laura Roy’s new self-titled EP is interesting: lots of 90s touches, upbeat and not annoying at all, until you realize it needs a bit of shade amidst all the light, too. So it’s interesting that the video I got my hands on is an acoustic version of the EP’s closer, “Plastic”. Now she sounds a bit like Selah Sue[NB] (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)


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