“The flowers bloom, the morning shines, and I can see.”

Great Philippine Song Hits“Your Love” by Alamid | The death of Alamid’s original vocalist, Gary Ignacio, last year brought the spotlight back to his band, and especially its peak in the middle of the 1990s. “Your Love”, of course, is the entry point for most: a love song that’s more substantive than most, sweeping and yet lyrically poignant. We love our love songs, but the so-called rakistas of the decade had more to chomp on, with songs such as “I Just Wasn’t Brave Enough” and “China Eyes” showing off their versatility. Like most bands of the era, Alamid faded into obscurity at the turn of the decade, but returned with an independently released album (and a new vocalist, radio DJ Carl McFly). You know, tide of the times: the foreigners got back and won the game. Gary’s health problems in the last two years of his life came to light, and suddenly here we were, remembering where we were in 1995, when “Your Love” was everywhere. And then, he passed on, and we, well, moved on. [NB]

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