“Sige lang nang sige. Kahit sino, puwede ba?”

Great Philippine Song Hits“Hataw Na” by Gary Valenciano | He’s 51, but Gary Valenciano just does not get tired. Yeah, that’s an easy riff on the “Mr. Pure Energy” tag, thanks to his strongly choreographed performances. By that you’d get the impression all he does is dance, but Gary’s also known for his ballads – he shows off his voice better on those – and even manages to make inspirational songs not gloopy in a country where worship songs have to sound so church-y. (Case in point: “Sa Yahweh”.) So here we are, a few years forward to 1993, although the song sounds very much like good old 80s pop: the new jack swing sound popularized during the era translating well to Filipino sensibilities. And I’ll admit, I hear this song and I can’t help but make a jig, even if I was just four years old when this song first came on. Must be the childhood memories. [NB]

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