“Basta’t sa’yo lang ako.”

Great Philippine Song Hits“Babaero” by Randy Santiago | I’ll confess to not really knowing a lot about Randy Santiago’s music; I knew him more as a television personality, hosting a bunch of shows on ABS-CBN throughout my childhood, notably as a co-host on The Sharon Cuneta Show and, later, as one of the main hosts of Magandang Tanghali, Bayan! And every time he becomes a point of discussion, this song comes on the background. Oh, and the fact that he always wears shades – one eye is smaller because of a childhood accident; I remember a segment on MTB when he took off the shades in front of an awestruck child who was competing in one of the contest. For that kid’s eyes only, yes. As a kid, I somehow saw Randy as a cool guy, funny and unflappable. I don’t know why. I just did. And “Babaero”, that one song that always kept playing when he’s around, that cool tune both musically and lyrically (now that I understood it), helped. [NB]

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