Review: LOL by GFriend

LOL by GFriendIt took me forever to let GFriend into my daily play queue. I complained about how they have that usual sweet girly concept: a “safe” formula for the rookies. GFriend, though, has this crazily synchronized crazy choreography thing going on, which is exactly how they became huge. The first three releases – a trilogy, as it turns out – are so similar you can layer them on top of each other. “Glass Bead” was hopeful dreamy, “Me Gustas Tu” is flirty, “Rough” is hugot dreamy. “Navillera” isn’t any different, although it’s bouncier and less… dreamy. But I like it. The first half of the album is your usual GFriend, but the experimentation starts at “Distance”, which sounded reggae-ish to me, but not quite. Seriously though – I couldn’t get my head around it, and even found it annoying that a looot of people like it. The rest of the tracks are an interesting bunch: “Water Flower”, “Mermaid” and “Compas” (yes, the English name has one S) stood out for me. GFriend goes back home with the final track “Gone with the Wind”, which to me is the best thing they did. It’s good that they had more variety on LOL, but it’s great that they did not change things up a lot on this one. [SY] | 4/5


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