Review: Nothing’s Real by Shura

Nothing's Real by ShuraIt’s been two years since Shura first broke through with her tasty take on electropop, and the wait’s been quite long, I’ll admit. Nothing’s Real, then, serves as both a reintroduction and a full course, and it works well both ways. Her sound, while easy to categorize, has been hard to describe: you listen to it then and it sounds like it’s of its time, but then it also sounds like something from the past. You listen to it now and it sounds like something from 2014 (stuck in amber, essentially), and it sounds like something you’d hear now, and it sounds like something you heard your mother play when you were little. She captures the zeitgeist like that. Attempts to describe aside, Nothing’s Real shines when its upbeat – sure, “2Shy” is a lovely song, but it’s when she sets her gaze on the dance floor where things get interesting, from the bouncy title track to the absolutely dazzling “What Happened to Us?” The influences of co-producer Joel Pott, vocalist of Athlete, shows: there’s a certain wide-eyed wonder across the album, showered in diet 80s glitter. If I could make one complaint, it’s that the album doesn’t feel well sequenced. Pacing-wise it stutters a bit. Also, I did not need a recap in “The Space Tapes”. [NB]4/5


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