“Kahit man lang sa aking alaala ay makasama ko siya.”

Great Philippine Song Hits“Mr. DJ” by Sharon Cuneta | We were bound to tackle Sharon Cuneta, one of the country’s most enduring showbiz personalities, sooner or later. Of course, she began her career as a singer, before making forays into acting and television hosting (and all the endless, unfortunate speculation about her weight). “Mr. DJ” wasn’t her first single – that would be “Tawag ng Pag-ibig”, penned by Tito Sotto – but it definitely was her first big hit, a song that managed to showcase her cool voice without being awkward about the fact that she’s just 12 at the time of its release in 1978. (Also, it does feel like a throwback, this, a song about radio DJs. Would anyone sing such a song about the likes of Sam YG now?) This song led, as we all know now, to a successful career for Sharon, with her voice arguably not being dulled by age. (I’ll be partial to hear early stuff, of course. “Mahal Kita, Mahal Mo Siya, Mahal Niya Ay Iba” will always remain painful.) Perhaps it’s because she never really was the “biritera” Filipinos seem to love – and I think we’re all the better for it. Oh, and by the way, yes, there’s some sort of theme to today and yesterday’s entry: “Mr. DJ” was also penned by Rey Valera. We’ll talk about him tomorrow, we promise. [NB]

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