“Kahit ano pa man ang iyong nakaraan, mamahalin kita maging sino ka man.”

Great Philippine Song Hits“Maging Sino Ka Man” by Rey Valera | As promised, finally, Rey Valera. Here’s a guy we can’t skip, although, frankly, we did not know where to begin with him. He’s written a lot of songs that are now part of the Filipino musical lexicon, whether for himself (“Ako Si Superman”, “Kung Kailangan Mo Ako”) or for others (“Kahit Maputi Na Ang Buhok Ko” for Sharon Cuneta, “Pangako” for Geraldine, “Sorry Na, Pwede Ba?” for Rico J. Puno) – and those songs, you still hear them on television, whether the original versions, or his versions, or the many covers today. While listening to his many songs in preparation for today’s entry, I had a think about why we’re both tired of his songs, and why we love them nonetheless. Yes, today’s crop of musicians haven’t been quite imaginative, content with doing covers, and that gets us down in the long run. And yet Rey – who started his career with a band, before setting off to write songs in 1977 – has penned some very enduring songs. Love songs, sure, but perhaps what keeps them going strong is how simple and elegant they are. No reliance on tricks; just a sentiment that everybody can relate to. [NB]

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