Review: We’re All Somebody From Somewhere by Steven Tyler

We're All Somebody From Somewhere by Steven TylerOn paper, it promised to be a trainwreck at the very least: Steven Tyler, he of that throat, he of Aerosmith, will go country on his first solo album. Thankfully, We’re All Somebody From Somewhere is not a trainwreck. Sure, it’s firmly on the (dirty, of course) side of Americana, but it somehow manages to both adapt to Steven’s distinct singing style, and vice versa. Perhaps the album’s most outstanding quality is that it does not offend: it sounds like Steven’s having a ball, reinterpreting himself through a Johnny Cash-like lens as he sings both originals and a bunch of covers, his own band’s “Janie’s Got A Gun” included. He seems to have had too much fun, though: the songs are quite a mixed bag, with weird metaphors and perfunctory tracks getting in the way of some actually promising tracks – the opener, “My Own Worst Enemy”, allayed fears from the beginning, but perhaps set my expectations, which were low before I hit play, a bit higher than it should have. Also, at almost 55 minutes, the record would have benefited from a bit of pruning. But good – surprisingly good – effort. [NB]3/5

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