“Maibabalik ba ang kahapon?”

Great Philippine Song Hits“Kanlungan” by Buklod | Yes, another song from another McDonald’s ad. If not for that, this song would fall into obscurity – even if Noel Cabangon, who was part of Buklod before going solo, didn’t. I remember hearing this song a little before the ad premiered, though: one of my high school teachers – he had an activist streak in him – had a copy of the folk group’s 1992 album Sa Kandungan ng Kalikasan, where this song came from. As that name suggests, “Kanlungan” is really a song about the environment, particularly its destruction. (So it applies today, in a world where green space is only for those who can afford to pay for it.) Of course, it took a television ad for a fastfood giant to turn it into a melancholic song about time passing by… well, it is, really, isn’t it? Different context, but it never really changed. Still, Noel Cabangon – a very thoughtful guy, judging from the one time I heard him speak about music royalties at an industry event in Cebu years ago – has Ronald to thank. More or less. [NB]

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