Review: Ambulance by the Amazing

Ambulance by the AmazingFor their third album, Swedish band the Amazing doubled down on the moody, making Ambulance an interesting record… but with a few misses. The album suffers from a misplaced inconsistency, leading to a dilution of what could have been something trippy. That especially comes in the last two tracks of the record – they sound good, by the way, but after immersing yourself in monochromatic reverb, having two acoustic tracks (although still sprawling, both of them) dulls things somewhat. But don’t let sequencing decisions get in the way: Ambulance is enjoyable for the way it commits to its influences and its sound without going to extremes. You can go glittery or you can go intensely dramatic, but the Amazing manages to have a foot each in both pools, and getting really comfortable about it. [NB]4/5

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