“…upang tayo’y magsama-sama sa langit ng pag-asa.”

Great Philippine Song Hits“Himig Natin” by Juan Dela Cruz Band | And so we end another year of the Song Hits with another icon from the 1970s. Juan Dela Cruz Band’s had a stormy history back from its founding in 1968: the line-up we all know today – Wally Gonzalez, Mike Hanopol, Pepe Smith, now each legends in their own right – would not come together until around 1972. The release of their album Himig Natin the following year would catapult the band to the forefront of the burgeoning Pinoy rock scene; the obvious musical theme of this song in particular made it a rallying anthem for the entire movement. This album would bring a lot of tracks that would influence acts in the decades to come: “Kahit Anong Mangyari”, for instance, would inspire Sandwich to write “Sugod”. And it all goes full circle. The hits of the past connecting with the hits of the not-so-past – and we all fail to make the connection because… why again? [NB]


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