Things without words, part twenty-two: In the dark of night, they lurch…

“Petit-peur” by Magnetfisch | It’s been almost two years since we first (and last) wrote about Magnetfisch. A refresher: they’re a three-piece from Bern, specializing in that space “between synth pop and new wave,” focusing squarely on the melodies to build up the vibe. Just weeks back they released a new three-track EP with an interesting title: If You Were A Dinosaur, What Kind of Dinosaur Would You Be? My answer would be “not extinct” but anyway – it is just three tracks long, but it gets to the point, this time towards an underbelly not out of place in the Drive soundtrack. It wobbles stealthily, like a thief, heartbeats pacing as it goes for the steal. The whole thing’s now on their Bandcamp page[NB] (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)


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