Review: A’wesome by HyunA

A'wesome by HyunAOne year after the release of a hoe anthem comes another hoe anthem. Okay, well, according to most people. I was surprised she came back so soon after 4minute’s breakup. I wasn’t a huge fan of the group – although I’m in love with most of their album tracks – so I didn’t really feel much. Now the group’s most popular girl comes back with a tune going “eoddae?” all throughout. Though I must admit I find those bits catchy, I get why most are disappointed with the MV for “How’s This?” – and the song as a whole (“we wanna hear her more!”) – and I’m not gonna even argue. Disappointing though it may seem, the rest of the album are satisfactory. It opens with the very chill “U&ME♡” and jumps straight to the single. Which I really don’t like. The next two are the usual HyunA-dance-beat-hip-hop-thingies which aren’t that bad, and either of them could easily be the single. Even the mildly playful “Morning Glory” could be it too. Really, anything but “How’s This?” [SY] | 3/5

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