Review: Sanguine by Run Dorothy

Sanguine by Run DorothyListening to Sanguine, the first EP from Run Dorothy, is an exercise in trying to merge two styles that should work in paper, but isn’t really so easy to pull off in practice. On one hand, they capture your interest with their intricate, although perhaps a bit one-note at the start, instrumentations. On the other, they have Dee Cruz, whose vocals are good, but for the most part don’t really seem to fit with everything else. The first four tracks, then, see the band attempt to make both elements work, and while there are some strong flourishes, the songs end and I felt that things either needed to cook a bit more, or have some ingredients swapped out. It all makes sense on the final track, “Frontiers”: if this were a television drama, it’s the moment where everybody gets their head together for a common goal. And my, it was a good pay-off – but shame it didn’t quite come earlier. Well, you can hope their next releases continues the trend that last track set… save for the crashing waves at the end. [NB]3/5


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