“I can’t really love you by the rules.”

“The Fool” by Gilbert Montagné | Today and tomorrow, a couple of old songs I discovered from a stretch of listening to the still oddly compelling Swiss station Option Musique. We kick off with a French legend, Gilbert Montagné, whose songs are mostly in French, inevitably – but his biggest hit, around the world, is one in English: 1971’s “The Fool”. For all intents and purposes he’s a cross between Elton John (for his piano-driven songs, on the hard-hitting side) and Stevie Wonder (for the fact that he was born blind). I know that feels reductive, but you hear “The Fool” come on again on the radio – the rest being in French means I don’t quite pick them out – and you end up, well, being in the middle of a pleasant throwback. [NB]


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