Review: Blossoms by Blossoms

Blossoms by BlossomsBlossoms finds itself debuting at an interesting time in British indie rock – a time when the movement finds itself torn between sounding really alternative and sounding really pop. After all, some of their ilk have gone on to huge success, while others, despite keeping with the same formula, have floundered into relative obscurity. Blossoms, well, keeps with that formula: embracing the sonics of the past while disavowing the kitsch that often came with it. The result is an album that should feel interesting, but only manages to do so half of the time. That’s when they embrace the pop, but not too keenly, content on doing things their way (for the most part) leading to tracks like “Charlemagne” and “Getaway”. Elsewhere it feels a little perfunctory, a little, well, usual. Perhaps enjoyment of Blossoms’ debut boils down to what you were doing and feeling at the particular moment you hit play. That usually means the record is a spineless cop-out, at least to me – but then, you’ll have to admit, there’s something in the dance-floor-ready riffs and vocalist Tom Ogden’s rowdy delivery that could elevate the group to another place entirely. [NB]3/5


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