“I’m just tryin’ to find what’s on her mind.”

“On Her Mind” by Duncan Sheik | Duncan Sheik is still active, by the way. He released an album last year; I almost reviewed it for the blog, but somehow forgot about it. What I’m saying is, the guy is still working, whether as a musician or as a composer for theater – he did do Spring Awakening, after all; you can say he gave Rachel Berry to us former gleeks. Here in the Philippines, though, we only know him for two songs: his first big hit, “Barely Breathing”, and from when I began my own spring awakening (musical, take note), “On A High”. That last song was all over at a time when Manila radio was in love with singer-songwriters, the era of John Mayer and Jason Mraz fitting in with Avril Lavigne and Hilary Duff. Now, I hear “On Her Mind” again through (again) Nordwestradio, and remember that this song was on mid-high rotation too at the time: a non-single that still appealed to the most of us. It was nice hearing this again, like a balm at the end of a particularly bad day. And then the singer-songwriters crawled back to their basements. [NB]


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