Review: Home Wrecking Years by Brendan Canning

Home Wrecking Years by Brendan CanningI’m used to anything coming from Broken Social Scene sounding a bit loose and experimental, so the surprising bit about Home Wrecking Years – the third solo album from one of that band’s major proponents, Brendan Canning – is that it sounds… conventional. Well, it’s still fuzzy and blurry and obscure-sounding and all, but it sounds conventional: there are structures, there are motifs, and they’re pretty consistent throughout the record. That said, the accessibility of the record could be the experimental bit – how you look forward to the surprises and then get, well, little – and the result is a satisfying listen for all different reasons. And then you remember that Broken Social Scene will be coming back with a new album and then it makes sense – perhaps this is the buffer, the prelude to something, well, experimental in the more conventional sense of the word. [NB] | 4/5

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