“You and I, there’s air in between.”

“Alaska” by Maggie Rogers | Viral things don’t really get to me. I don’t seek them out. I don’t feel any convinced. Most of the time, though, I don’t get wind of them at all. Apparently Maggie Rogers got viral because of some sort of reaction from Pharrell Williams, leading to a crowd of wannabe tastemakers to seek her previous work out. Okay. That sounded snarky. I just stumbled upon her on German radio (not my current darling Nordwestradio, at least not yet) and it’s one of those songs that – yes, common theme – make sense at the exact moment I’m aware of it. It’s a quiet thing, this, the song that somehow got big and took this Maryland native to places she probably would have never thought of before. Now, to see if what she releases next will get the same kind of reaction. [NB]


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