“When will I know if you love me?”

“Saying It Right” by Jake Davis | The quest for a lyric that would make for a good title for an entry on this blog sometimes means me listening to the same song over and over again – especially when the song is awash in effects. In the process, it really just washes over you, the song – it becomes an earworm, it works its way in, bouncing back and forth, and then you get it. I know, some say this is how it’s ought to be, writing about music – you listen to things over and over again. Repeats are not fun for me, though. That said, I’d love to have this track from Jake Davis – indie pop guy, based in Los Angeles; this is his debut – appear more often than usual. It meanders, sure, but then it hits you, with all its big chunks of… what exactly do I follow that metaphor with? The new EP is called The Valley[NB] (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)


One thought on ““When will I know if you love me?”

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