Review: Endless by Frank Ocean

Endless by Frank OceanLet’s begin with the teaser, although by now Endless – the visual album that served as a long prelude to what would eventually be Blonde – is a week old and has essentially taken a life of its own, whatever that means here. Amidst images of Frank Ocean doing some construction we get a decidedly hodge-podge, definitely blurred, set of tracks that start and end at the same place and offer fans a reminder of just how long it’s been since Channel Orange was released. How long? Long enough for him to be able to squeeze in a quite good Isley Brothers cover and a weirdly pulsing track extolling the virtues of Samsung phones – on an Apple exclusive! In between, a varied, still blurred, clearly futuristic… something. Getting the glitz out of the way? I can’t quite make sense of it. And that’s perhaps the point. [NB]4/5


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