Review: One Day All of This Won’t Matter Any More by Slow Club

One Day All of This Won't Matter Any More by Slow ClubBritish duo Slow Club have made something out of changing genres with every album, and on One Day All of This Won’t Matter Anymore they shift sounds again – this time to a more country-flavored one, with assistance from Matthew E. White and his house band. It all sounds just right, the seeming dread and sorrow lurking underneath their lyrics – although the songs led by Rebecca Taylor are considerably of a darker hue than those by Charles Watson – getting some needed gravitas. And yet you feel like the tactic they took for this record is just a stop in some long journey to whatever destination it is. Considering the band’s track record, you can’t help but feel a bit restless. What’s at the end of this road? No suggestions, and rightfully so – the record stands on its own two feet – and yet, you can’t help but wonder what they’re going at. Or maybe it’s just me. [NB]4/5

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