“What is love if you have to beg for it?”

“You Flew” by Katie Buxton | Over the week-long break I ended up with a lot of songs on the inbox, which isn’t ideal because, you know, it’s not good having too much on your inventory. So, first out of the box is singer-songwriter Katie Buxton, based in Nashville but originally from Philadelphia, whose song “You Flew” – it’s a new one; I don’t think it’s off her debut EP, which she released earlier this year – strikes you from the very first metaphor. This is a beautiful track. This is a haunting track. This is a track that wraps itself around you. And then I realized I was watching the teaser video and not listening to the full track and you go, “there has to be more!” There is, and yet it also ends too soon. Katie, you spoil me. [NB] (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)

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